IMG_20160102_160750Keeping our city beautiful! CFUW members care for Glenridge Avenue from Lockhart to Riverview Blvd. The clean-up is done on a Saturday morning, twice in the fall and once in the spring. A pair of work gloves and a commitment of one hour is all that is required. We meet in the parking lot at Cat’s Caboose Restaurant in the Glenridge Plaza. Afterwards Cat’s Caboose restaurant treats us to a free coffee. This is truly a project where many hands make light work, and the camaraderie is great! Contact Convenor Needed


SOCIAL ACTION – Syrian Refugee Sponsorship

Our Syrian refugee family continues to flourish as our financial responsibility draws to a close. Our family has grown with the addition of a new baby boy – a Canadian citizen.  What a leap of faith they took  leaving their families behind in Jordan, going on a plane for the first time, and arriving in  a strange country. But their leap of faith was also mirrored in the reaction of the CFUW members.  Dedicated volunteers surfaced, the general membership spread the word, donated money and donations flowed in from the wider community.  The steering committee is a group of seven women who not only dedicate a lot of their time to this project but each has her own unique skills and characteristics which combine to make this a comprehensive and complete team.

Contact Denise Bradden

This committee meets one evening a year in January to review, consider, and moneydevelop recommendations for the distribution of funds raised by the House Tour, Silent Auction, and any other fundraisers we’ve held in the last year. According to our Constitution, this committee includes the Charitable Fund Chair, Charitable Fund Treasurer and her Assistant, Club Vice-President, and Club Past President. But it also includes at least three other CFUW members who are not on the Executive. If you are interested in finding out more about the scholarships and charities we support, and are knowledgeable about local non-profit association needs, please join us. Contact Mary Jane Waszynski

execThe CFUW St.Catharines Executive meets 5 evenings a year (June, August, October, January, and March) to review the Club’s operations and plan for the year. It consists of the President, Past President, Vice-President, Club Treasurer, Charitable Fund Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and committee Chairs.
Each Committee has a Chair and may also have members who help her, and they meet as needed during the year. The Committees include:

  • Archives – keep our Club’s historical records
  • Interest Groups – liaise with Interest Group convenors and provide support as needed
  • Membership – help new members to join the Club
  • Membership Roster Administrator – maintain the member roster, process membership renewals, and prepare & distribute CFUW materials to members and the Executive
  • Member Communications – prepare emails & mailings to members; also prepare the Bulletins for the monthly meetings
  • PR & Marketing – work with press & media to promote the Club’s activities
  • Programme – plan and provide support for speakers for the monthly General Meetings
  • Social – organize catering for monthly meetings, and organize the New Member Reception in October-November
  • Newsletter – prepare a monthly newsletter for distribution to the membership
  • Website – update the Club’s website on an ongoing basis with events & materials

Please consider joining one of the Committees or putting your name in for next year’s Executive.Contact Marilyn Wallace

DSCN00190-GofR-Tx-posterGIFT OF READING – 1995-2016
Gift of Reading began in 1995 when a CFUW member discovered that there were many children in St. Catharines who did not have a book at home. For 21 years, from October to December, our volunteer members collected, sorted, stamped and distributed over 8000 books each year, in order to give a book to each student in three local schools plus more books for over 25 local social service agencies. Each volunteer was given an agency or school to contact, and then delivered their books to them – a very rewarding effort. With the introduction of the First Book Canada program into the Niagara Region in the fall of 2016, we decided that our youth were being well serviced and there was no value in duplicating efforts. We thank all the volunteers for their dedication & service over these many years and a special thanks to all our club members who supported this program through their donations. Click here for more information. Contact Heather Antunes

housetourticketHOUSE TOUR

Our Annual CFUW St. Catharines House Tour is held on the first Sunday in May. This is our Club’s main fundraising event for the year, and most members help out in one or more ways:
•Join the House Tour Committee – this group of about 20 members meets several evenings during the year to organize the event. They find the houses, prepare and keep track of the tickets, promote the event, solicit corporate donations, arrange flowers & photos for the homes, organize members into hostessing teams, and do myriad other tasks involved in making the event a success!
•Sell tickets to people you know or liaise with a ticket outlet
•Volunteer as a Hostess to work for a few hours in a house on the Tour
•Make a donation to the House Tour charitable fund (tax receipts are issued).
The money raised is used to fund our scholarships and charitable donations to support local non-profit organizations that benefit women and children.
Contact Jean Tonogai or Gail Neff


oldlogoEach year, the National level of CFUW collects and edits proposed Resolutions  that have been prepared and submitted by CFUW Clubs across the country. If passed, these resolutions will be presented to those responsible for their implementation, mostly politicians, (e.g. Be It Resolved that the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments should take the following political action…).
Thee proposed Resolutions are circulated to all Clubs so they can consider if they want to support, modify, or oppose. The Clubs vote on the Resolutions at the CFUW National Annual General Meeting held in the summer each year. Those that are accepted by the members are added to the CFUW Policy Book (available online at, and Clubs use them to lobby local, provincial and federal politicians.
All CFUW members are encouraged to participate in the Resolutions process, which is an important part of CFUW’s mission. We need at least one volunteer per Resolution (there are usually 4-6 of them). The member reads the materials provided by CFUW National, researches the bibliography as needed, and develops these recommendations. The volunteers meet one evening in February or early March to review each others’ Resolutions and come to an agreement about recommending that our Club support, modify or oppose each Resolution. The Vice-President presents the recommendations about the Resolutions to the Club for a vote at the April monthly General Meeting. Our representative votes as directed at the CFUW National AGM held in the summer.

Contact Nancy Ferris-Hostick

This is a key fundraiser that our Club runs at the Festive Dinner every December. The Silent Auction convener recruits volunteers to help her. Members donate items for the Silent Auction. The committee collects, logs, and labels items, and sets them up on the display tables before the Festive Dinner. Members bid on the items, and pay for whatever they’ve won at the end of the evening. Money raised from this effort supports our various charitable donations.

Contact Pat Paulin or Margaret Thibeault

We have some terrific ideas for groups, but need leaders or organizers. Anyone interested?

  • Photography
  • Lunch Bunch
  • Child Study Group
  • Walk and Talk

Other ideas?
Just let Marlene Slepkov know you’re interested, and we’ll help you get an Interest Group started.