Three evening groups meet in members’ homes on the first Monday, or
the first or third Tuesday evenings of the month, and another group
meets on the first Thursday afternoon of the month. One member
leads the discussion of book reviews and information about the author
or other books the author has written. The books, presenters, and
monthly hostesses are chosen in June for the following year. New
members are accepted into existing groups as openings arise, and we
can easily start a new group if enough members are interested.

1st Monday: TBD
1st Tuesday: Martha Abra
3rd Tuesday: Jan Tanouye
3rd Wednesday: Joan Barnett
1st Thursday: Sue Hughes

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month (with the exception of December). Each member reviews what she has been reading and shares what may be of interest to other members. There is no strict format. New members are welcome.

Contact Claire Beckermann

Sign up in September to participate in a reading circle. Every member receives a new book to read each month from October to July. At the end of the month, you pass it on to the next member. At the end of the year, you keep the last book you’ve read.

The book list for the year is chosen by the convenor based on reviews of very current bestseller books. One copy of each of the ten monthly books is purchased for each reading circle. The cost of the books is averaged and everyone pays one-tenth of the total cost (usually under $30), and gets to read ten current bestsellers. This group has no meetings or formal discussions – but it is fun to chat about the interesting books you’ve read with other members!

Contact Lucie Laliberte & Martha Abra