This is one of our most popular interest groups with members enjoying camaraderie as well as delicious food. There are a number of Gourmet Groups, each with about 8 members who alternate duties and meet once a month. Generally the member who is the hostess designs the menu and distributes it to other members ahead of time. Each member either brings the assigned dish already prepared and ready to serve, or an accompanying wine. Costs are shared. New members can join established groups as openings occur, and we will help members to form a new group even with fewer than 8 members to start.

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Strawberry shortcake for dessertBREAKFAST GROUP
A group that does just what it says: we meet for breakfast. Any CFUW member (and a guest if desired) can come out any month. We meet at different restaurants on the last Tuesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. Each person buys her own breakfast. Good food, good fun, good conversation and all are welcome.

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