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The Syrian refugee family continues to flourish as our financial responsibility draws to a close.  However our involvement with the family will continue as they navigate society in their new country. Nuha had us all in a whirl when she unexpectedly delivered her baby two months early. A boy, he is doing well and likely to be discharged home well before his expected due date.  Nuha is anxious to return to school in September. Mohammad is still at school and doing some painting in his spare time. We can tell he is actively thinking about getting his driving licence and is saving hard for a car.  Rama, at 4 years, is a lovely little girl and seems to be very bright for her age.   Reetaj, at eighteen months is quite a delight, knows her own mind and loves going to the child day care centre. Altogether the family  is a wonderful addition to St Catharines.  In addition, the papers have been completed for Nuha’s sister and family to come to Canada and a sponsoring group has accepted to take them.

The steering committee is a group of seven women who not only dedicate a lot of their time to this project but each has her own unique skills and characteristics which combine to make  this a comprehensive and complete team.

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If you have any questions, please contact: Denise Bradden denisebradden@gmail.com