Club Executive Committee 2017-18:

President: Nancy Ferris-Hostick
Past President: Heather Hall
Vice-President: Gail Neff
Club Treasurer: Heidi Burgess
Recording Secretary: Marg Thibeault & Marian Lips
Chairs of Standing Committees (see below)

Standing Committees:
Chair: TBA
     Website: Pat Paulin
     Newsletter Editor: Barb Leslie
     Photographers: Barb Leslie, Elma Kimpel, Anne Marie Stockwell
Chair: TBA
     Membership Database Co-ordinator: Martha Abra
     Membership Services: Mary Anne De Roy, Rosalba Martino, Yvonne Stevenson
     Interest Group Convenor: Noreen Vida
Chair: Karen MacKay
      Social Convenor(s): Denise Bradden, Heather Sloan
Chair: Jean Tonogai
     House Tour Co-Chairs: Jean Tonogai & Sharon Lawler
     House Tour Past-Chair: Pat Milland
     Silent Auction Co-Chairs: Pat Paulin & Marg Thibeault
Chair: Gail Neff
     Resolutions: Gail Neff
     Ontario Council Standing Committee Reps: Education: Angie Mannella:
               Status of Women & Human Rights: open; Legislation: Lucie Laliberte

Other Committees/Appointments:
Archives: Joan Clancy
Privacy Contact: Helen Staal
Gift of the Arts: Caroline Nolan
Liaison to 100 Ad Hoc Committee: Caroline Nolan
External Liaison: Charitable Fund Chair: Mary Jane Waszynski
Representative on Niagara Youth Without Secure Housing (YWSH) Committee: Pat Waters

Charitable Fund Executive:
Chair: Mary Jane Waszynski
Treasurer: Barb Harris
Assistant Treasurer: Martha Abra
Donation Co-ordinator: Martha Abra
Club President: Nancy Ferris-Hostick
Club Past President: Heather Hall
Club Vice-President: Gail Neff
Member-at-Large: Donna Pree
Member-at-Large: Julie Dennis
Member-at-Large: open